Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Dragon Gate (Book 4) by D.C. McGannon & C. Michael McGannon (Paperback)

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Dragon Gate (Book 4) by D.C. McGannon & C. Michael McGannon (Paperback)


"The Dragon Gate starts with a bang and delivers to the end. It includes cleverly described monsters in a universe that is both daring and insightful. The book is both emotionally charged and action-packed as well as neatly tying together the three previous books in the series." 5-Star Reader Review

"I love this series! This book does not disappoint." 5-Star Reader Review

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The attack on Hunter’s Grove High School by a Greater demon and the bully Donnie Wickles delivered a crushing blow to Charlie Sullivan, his friends, their families, and their once quiet, peaceful community. Everyone soon discovers the demon terrorizing Hunter’s Grove is only the beginning of their troubles. A trail of destructive, sinister activity—including the theft of a dangerous artifact, the release of a bloodthirsty Greater from captivity, and the threat of all six main portal cities coming under siege—stretches Charlie Sullivan and a broken and tired team of monster hunters across the globe.

The first team lands in Japan, at the site of one of the most embarrassing events in the country’s history—Rashomon, the Dragon Gate. There, Charlie Sullivan faces the King of Demons, his vengeful lieutenant, and an army of creatures rising from the worst of nightmares. What happens next triggers a series of global cataclysmic events that some will not survive.

A new breed of monsters is released to level chaos against humanity as the master plan and purpose of evil in our world is revealed.

Suffering loss, exhaustion, and being tested beyond the limits of human understanding, Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters face their most dangerous task as they set out to quell an ancient darkness that has now been awakened.

"I picked this book up for my oldest daughter. I thought she might enjoy it and asked her to let me know what she thought. She loved it! I ended up reading it with her and I have to say that I enjoyed the story as much, maybe more, than she did."

"The characters are real enough that I found myself cheering them on and hoping they succeed in their mission. I look forward to reading the next installment."

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