The Butterfly Stone by Laurie Bell Releases April 17, 2018


We are proud to announce that Laurie Bell's first young adult novel "The Butterfly Stone" will be available from Wyvern's Peak Publishing April 17, 2018.

"The Butterfly Stone" will be available through, select bookstores and online retailers.

More about the book:


Beware! Something is after Tracey Masters, a Mage-kind teen in a mostly non-magical world—a world where people like Tracey are often feared, and oppressed. Add to this stress a crazy family life, the schizo pressures of school, friends, and bullies, and working a boring job as an assistant at her uncle’s detective agency for magical types, and life isn’t just hard, it’s chaos! That is, until a mysterious woman walks through the door with a case about a missing necklace known as the Butterfly Stone.

The case seems to be the big break Tracey is looking for to prove herself and her abilities as Mage-kind. But she unexpectedly finds herself dangerously connected to it when the evidence takes a turn that reveals secrets from Tracey’s past, and places her friends and family in mortal danger.

She also discovers that she’s being hunted by a shadow that senses her magic is the key to unlocking the power it’s after.

The magic within the Butterfly Stone is too powerful to be contained, but if Tracey doesn’t learn how to control it, and escape the threat of the shadow that surrounds it, she could lose everything and everyone she cares about … beginning with her younger sister, Sarah.

Laurie Bell’s first young adult novel is fresh, fast-paced, and fun. It’s filled with what makes life interesting, hard, and yet, worth living. You’ll believe in magic again, but you’ll also remember that the magic of family and friendship is where life is best lived.

Advanced Praise for The Butterfly Stone:

“Tracey Masters is the next teen protagonist to get behind! Her adventure is a suspenseful look at growing up and excelling in a world where people like her are feared, controlled, and sometimes hated because they are Mage-kind.”
Lauren Lynne, author of
The Recalcitrant Project & The Secret Watchers series

Charming, snappy, and addictive. There's a lot of heart here.
You'll immediately be asking for the next book!"
D.C. McGannon, best-selling author of the

Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters series